Thursday, 26 January 2012

Parque de la Costa

  • Thursday, 26 January 2012

Parque de la Costa is Argentina's largest operating park. The park is situated in one of Buenos Aires upscale suburbs, north of the capital city. The park is built to Western standards with superb, colourful, elaborate theming. The park has four coasters in its armoury. Two of them are Vekoma's best sellers, a Boomerang and an SCL. Both coasters from the Dutch manufacturer are side by side, to the right of the main entrance. We cleared them both before moving onto the third coaster, a spinning mouse from Beijing Jiuhua Amusement Rides Manufacturing Co. It was slightly surprising that the park went for a Chinese manufacturer for their newest coaster, considering that their other three coasters are all from a European manufacturers. Maybe price was a large factor in this decision. The last coaster in the park is Vigía (Spanish for Watchman). The coaster is located the furthest distance away from the entrance. This large Tivoli coaster from Zierer snakes around a large artificial mountain.
Those wishing to take aerial shots of the park have two options: a Big Wheel at the back end of the park or a lighthouse-themed tower ideally placed in the centre of the park. The latter provides a better view in my opinion, the only down side being the horrendous climb up the stairs to get to the viewing platform.

The park has some good dark rides and an impressive array of other common rides to complement the four coasters. Parque de la Costa is a very good park that will continue to flourish over the years, but like Fantasilandia in Santiago, if the park wants to go up a level it needs to start investing in more world-class attractions/roller coasters.    

 Parque de la Costa
 Park map
 Welcoming characters.
A poor walk-through that's based on dinosaurs. 

 El Desafío, (In Spanish, "The Challenge") a Vekoma SLC (689m Standard). It has been operating  since 1999.
 Desorbitados, a top spin ride, with  El Desafío in the back ground.

 Boomerang, a standard Vekoma Boomerang coaster operating since 1998.

Torbellino, a spinning coaster from Beijing Jiuhua Amusement Rides Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
It has been operating from 7/4/2010.

Vigía, a large Tivoli coaster from Zierer that's been operating since 1998.


Log flume ride

The abandoned boats behind on Luján River are not part of the theming. 

Wonder why people want to get flipped on a strange ride?

Rock climbing 

An average walk-through attraction about dinosaurs. 

Water fountain section.

Entrance plaza

Sky Coaster in the center of a Go-Kart track.

Double trouble, two Vekoma coasters side by side......a coaster counter's worst nightmare.

The log flume had broken down. Some school children had to be evacuated.

 We enjoyed our time at Parque de la Costa.


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