Parque Norte

  • Sunday, 15 January 2012

Our original plan had us spending the night in Pereira and taking the following afternoon's flight to Medellín's inner city Olaya Herrera Airport (yes, some of us do count new airport credits). A few weeks before our trip, Air Aires changed our flight times without informing us. Air Aires had been taken over by LAN Air. The alternative timing offered us little or no time at the park. Consequently it meant shuffling our plan once again, and adding an extra flight to our already over subscribed itinerary, this time flying via Bogotá to Medellín's main airport and spending a night in what I rate as the best city in Colombia. I was overly impressed with this massively beautiful city, which had once been called the most violent city in the world due to the gang war in the 1980s between the drug lord Escobar and opposing organisations. Today, Medellín is a thriving, modern, clean city which I would not think twice about visiting again.

Parque Norte is situated in the northern suburbs next to the Universidad metro station. A small entrance fee is charged to enter the park. For the rides the choices are a wristband or single ride tickets. We opted for the latter. The rides are scattered around a large lake. Once inside, we walked clockwise in the direction of the coasters.

Parque Norte entrance.

Park Map.

The Blue Fire coaster, in operation since 2005, was previously named Expreso Tokyo.

Unfortunately it was not operating during our visit.

When the coaster's name was changed, its red track was painted blue.

The second coaster, Montaña Rusa was open and running well.
This Galaxi style coaster also had a name and colour change. It was previously called Mina Dorada and was painted black.
Montaña Rusa has been operating at the park since 2005.

Coaster entrance.

Other rides in the park.

It's not the same ride photo again. The previous photo is of the adults bumper car ride for adults, while this is the kiddie version.

A dismantled children's ride.

Strange to see Christmas theming at the height of the summer season.

The largest ride in the park is the log flume. Beautifully themed too.


The red building in the background contains an aquarium and a science museum.

 Those who know me are aware that I passionately hate Hard Rock Cafe. While my friends chose to eat  there, I opted for a meal in one of the many fine eateries in this shopping mall showcasing this fine display of artwork.

A Colombian McDonald's for all you McDonald's fans out there. As my friends hadn't finished their meal, I indulged in an ice cream here--mainly to make use of their free WiFi.

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