Parque Nacional Del Café

  • Saturday, 13 January 2012

Our night flight on the Fokker-50 was delayed, which resulted in getting into bed in the early hours of the morning. Sleeping late didn't prevent us from getting up earlier than our arranged meeting time, mainly due to our body clocks still being in the European time zone (I hate jet lag).
After a traditional Colombian breakfast we got the hotel to arrange a car and driver for the day. With the driver secured safely, it was all systems go to the first park of the trip.

Parque Nacional Del Café is located in the heart of the coffee-growing region. The park is around half an hour from downtown Armenia where we chose to stay for our first night in Colombia. The park was founded by the National Federation of Coffee Growers, a nonprofit organisation that wanted to promote an Eco-friendly tourism environment for the area.
The park is vastly spread across a lush green valley with the entrance being on higher grounds. Most of the mechanical attractions, including the coaster were towards the back end of the valley

Map of Parque Nacional Del Café


A sign in the entrance plaza.


             One can walk to the bottom end of the park, or like us, jump aboard the cable car.

Superb view from the cable car.

 Nearing the station....take note how neat and clean the park looks.

Could this be the vehicle that transports all those millions and millions of coffee beans?


Fire! Fire!

Broca, the Schwarzkopf Extended Jumbo Jet coaster, operating here since 1999.  We were all looking forward to riding this coaster.
Broca operated previously at Worlds of Fun as Zambezi Zinger between from 1973 to 1997.

The locals enjoying this fantastic coaster.

The second train was not in use today.

Broca in action.

Sign at the ride entrance.

Going into the tunnel.

An old coaster sign still being used.

We all posed in front of Broca.

George, with the 2,000 sign, indicating he's the first person to ride 2,000 different roller coasters. (Photo by Richard Bannister)

Other rides in the park.


Tower ride.

Train ride.

Train Station.

New for this year: the rapids ride.


 A viewing platform near the entrance. Before leaving, we checked it out.

I'll finish off with the main reason we are here, Broca.


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