Aventura Center

  • Friday, 20th January 2012

Adventure Center, Alto Las Condes was not on our itinerary since we had not yet discovered it. While net surfing the night before, I came up with some leads that I passed onto Richard, who followed up on them. The result: a couple of coaster finds at shopping mall FEC's in Santiago. Our first port of call, Adventure Center, La Frorida yielded negative results. There used to be a coaster there, but it got moved to their other park, Adventure Center, Alto Las Condes. Before we headed to the other park, we made a brief stop at Parque Mahuida to ride a Wiegand Rodelbahn.



George on the Rodelbahn.


Richard on the Rodelbahn.

George enjoying an ice cream.

Adventure Center, Alto Las Condes.

The find: Montaña Rusa, a Pinfari Super Dragon MD31.

Other rides at the FEC.

Once we were finished with the park, we decided to have lunch in the mall's food court.

Plenty of Western fast food outlets to choose from.

George was eyeing the "Chorrillana"

Richard, playing cool.

Finishing off with a photo of a nice clock displayed in the mall.

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