Mitad Del Mundo

  • Tuesday, 17 January 2012

It was a relief to fly by Avianca's codeshare partner airline AeroGal (Aerolíneas Galápagos), rather than Avianca itself, for our day trip to Quito, the second highest capital city in the world.
Avianca is Colombia's flagship carrier (God help those travelling on Colombia's budget airlines) and  a dreadful one to say the least. Five out of the six flights we took with them were heavily delayed, the only one that wasn't was a connecting flight, which we nearly missed due to our first flight taking off late.

Our AeroGal flight to Quito arrived ahead of schedule. Within minutes we were on the road to one of Quito's main attractions, "Mitad Del Mundo"
Although this means "centre of the earth," geographically it's slightly off, since the measuring equipment in use at the time was not 100% accurate.
Knowing that did not dissuade many visitors--including us--from taking souvenir photos on the bright yellow line that separates the two hemispheres. The stand-out central monument with the globe on top houses a small museum (extra charge). Other attractions include a planetarium, a colonial square, various shops selling memorabilia (including a blowgun!) and restaurants.
The grounds around the the attraction were fabulously kept with plenty of greenery.

Mitad Del Mundo: The Centre of the Earth

Site entrance

Richard doing his ballet dance.

Intended photo before Richard intervened.

We all posed creatively in front of the equator sign.

Richard wins the "Best Pose in Front of the Sign" contest.

Group photo

George balancing on the centre line.

Fighting in two hemispheres.

Dark clouds had formed, so we decided to make a move for the next location.

But not before George showed us his ballet moves.

I only took a photo of this guy from the back only just so you can guess who he is?

Mitad Del Mundo is fantastic. We really enjoyed our time there.

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