Complejo Peko's Parque Temático

  • Saturday, 21 2012

The day started with an early morning flight from Santiago (Chile) to Córdoba (Argentina).
After clearing immigration and collecting our luggage, all luggage had to be put through a scanner and checked by airport staff before we passengers were allowed to exit. This process was painfully slow and it took us over an hour to exit the airport. Once cleared, we collected our rental car and were on our way to Complejo Peko's Parque Temático, a park on the outskirts of Córdoba city.

CPPT, the most expensive park on our trip, wasn't on our original itinerary as it was yet unknown to us.
A few weeks before the trip I asked Malcolm to scan the countries we were visiting for any new coaster finds. He came back with this park. (Thanks, Malcolm.)

I thoroughly enjoyed CPPT, even though we were only there for a short time. It's a hidden gem. What I most loved was its uniqueness. The ride selection is not the usual affair seen at most parks around the world.

Cubo Espacial is the most unique attraction for me of the whole trip. Never have I seen such a messed-up ride in any of my travels. I had so much fun on this ride. In short, the objective is to get from one side to the other through a rotating tube--but its not easy as it seems, as the axle is rotating as well. Its hard to explain, but here's a video link that actually shows the ride in action. It will give you a better idea of how the ride works.

 The park's only coaster, which looks to have been built in-house. The purple coaster train crawls up the lift hill at a pace that would put any snail to shame. Once the train crested the lift hill it gives a strong burst of speed before the momentum takes the train back to the station along the bright green track, navigating two helices en route. Montaña Rusa video

This lush green park had a few attraction that hadn't opened up. There were some interesting looking shows that didn't start till early afternoon. It would have been nice to see some shows and try some other attractions in the park but unfortunately time wasn't on our side. I would love to visit this park again in the future and I'll make sure I allocate more time for it then.


Park entrance.

Montaña Rusa

It took ages to reach the top.

George, be patient! You will get this credit......eventually.

Log Flume was not open. 

Water park section.

It's just a slide but the way they have built it......differently.

Couldn't ride this one either.

Ferris wheel

The screwed-up ride.

If anyone has seen another model of this ride I'd love to know about it.

George crawling through the tube.

Hooray, he made it.

Go-kart track.

That's one long, messed-up slide! I told you this park had some strange rides. That's what makes it so awesome.


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