Mampato Lo Barnechea

  • Friday, 20 January 2012

Mampato Lo Barnechea is a children's amusement park located in one of Santiago's northeastern suburbs. It is fairly close to Adventura Center, Las Condes. Mampato Lo Barnechea was the only one of the three parks in the Mampato chain to be open during our visit. The park targets the children's market and has a fair selection of rides to keep the younger ones amused for a considerable amount of time. It's a nice park, but I only recommend it to those who are seriously into counting coasters. Being a children's park, we--as three male adults--had no issues in getting in.  

Main entrance to the park. Don't be surprised--like us--if--you are asked to use the side entrance.

Happy Mountain is a Wacky Worm built by the Brazilian company, Três Eixos. The coaster opened around 2006.

Casa Del Terror, a dark ride we tried. Nothing to shout out about.

Other rides in the park.

We rode this Ferris Wheel in an attempt to get some decent photos. The mission failed terribly, as the position of the seats on the Wheel limited the angles available to us. Trees around the park pretty much blocked a lot of the remaining angles.

Pony rides were availble for the children.

The park mascot.

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