International Park

  • Saturday, 21 January 2012

It had turned dark by the time we made it to International Park. The park had a similar feel to Super Park, except that this one was larger and had a few more thrill rides. Apart from a few special days, International Park is an evening park.

Being a Saturday night, it was a little surprising to see the park fairly empty of guests. We made our way to Gusanito Manzana a standard Big Apple coaster at the back of the park, right next to the Big Wheel. Having bought our tickets, we took our seats on the coaster, only to be told by the ride operator that she couldn't run the ride due to the station brake not releasing. Another credit lost.

An early morning flight, three parks in Córdoba and a long drive to Rosario had taken their toll on us by now. Rather than try any other rides in the park, we decided that the superb Holiday Inn Express hotel bed was the best idea for now.

 Gusanito Manzana (Spanish for Apple Worm) is a Wacky Worm at International Park.
It has been operating since 2008 or earlier.


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