• Thursday, 19 January 2012

To connect to the next leg of our trip, we had booked an overnight flight from  Bogotá to Santiago, Chile, with LAN Air. A few days before the flight I received an email from them saying that my flight had been delayed by three hours. Even though they sent me an email about the delay, they still felt the need to make a few repeat automated calls in the early hours of the morning, stating exactly what was in the email. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that calling at three o'clock in the morning would not go down to well with a customer they hope to get repeat business from. With the flight time change, we decided it would be ideal to retain our hotel room so we could get a few hours of decent sleep in a bed rather than practise some yoga moves while sleeping on a bench in the airport lounge.

Chile's largest amusement park, Fantasilandia is located in downtown Santiago, a short walk from the Parque o' Higgins metro station. Being the country's only major amusement park, it does attract a fairly large crowd. Today it was jam-packed. Even with it being busy, most queue lines were moving fairly rapidly, meaning wait time was kept to a minimum. The park is nicely shaded and well laid out. Overall, Fantasilandia is a well-run, decent park, but to go up to the next level (to being a great park) it needs to start adding standout attractions. From an enthusiast's point of view, the  roller coasters are average at best, but it didn't stop the locals--who probably had never ridden a B&M or Intamin coaster--from having a great time.

Park entrance

Park map
Raptor, a standard Vekoma SLC that was at the Tohoku Exhibition (Japan) in 1997. It disappeared from the coaster circuit for a while before appearing at Fantasilandia in 2008. 
A Vekoma double header. Raptor joined the Boomerang coaster that had been at Fantasilandia since 1996. 



Even though it was an old coaster, the Boomerang rode well. 

A superb dark ride.

A nice surprise inside. Keeping shhhh not to spoil it for the rest.

Give me Fanta baby....

A few spinners to keep the spin ride fans happy.

Coaster number three. Wild Mouse, a Zamperla Twister Coaster 420STD model installed by the park in 2006.

Galaxy an S.D.C Galaxi model, coaster is the fourth coaster we rode. It's also the oldest coaster in the park, opening in 1978.

Other attractions in the park.

Kids Zone

Montaña Dragon, a Zamperla powered dragon coaster, was the fifth coaster we rode. It opened around 2004 or earlier.

A nice maze walk-through with live actors. Extra charge for this attraction.


A parade going through the park.

A walk-through water sprinkler was keeping the crowds cool.

We had a good time at Fantasilandia. Thank you.

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