Iguazú Falls, Argentina

  • Monday, 23 January 2012

Iguazú Falls is one of nature's supreme wonders and a top tourist attraction for South America.
The falls are a collection of 275 smaller falls created by Iguazú River that also forms the border between Argentina and Brazil. About 80% of the falls lie within Argentina while the remaining 20% on the Brazilian side. For the full Iguazú experience, it's recommended to view the falls from both sides. The Argentina side gives the up-close-and- personal feel, while the Brazilian side provides the more scenic view.

A train takes you from the entrance plaza to the starting point for the trails (we chose to walk from the starting point as the train had just left as we arrived). From the disembarkation point there are a few different routes that lead towards the falls through the national park. The path that leads to the popular Devil's Throat is the farthest one away.

Once done with trekking most of the trails, and sampling different views of the falls, we finished the day with a boat ride that got us very close to the mighty falls.

Map of both sides.

The entry plaza is at the bottom of the map. The trails that lead to various view points of the falls are marked blue, yellow, green and red.

Men walk on the right path while snakes should keep to the left.

The train that takes you to the starting point for your adventure.

George posing in front of a park sign.

Me in front of the falls.

Ricard in front of the falls.

We were on the higher path. below you can see some people on another trail.

There are three different points for viewing this waterfall. Two viewpoints are in the photo and the last one is the point the photo is being taken from.

The boat ride that we'll be experiencing later on.

One of my favourite photos of the falls.

Heading towards the Devil's Throat.

Devil's Throat is were the Argentinian flag is on the top right corner.

Argentina is on the right. The Brazilian platform can be seen on the left side.

Love this photo.

The boats do get close to the falls. You will get wet. Seriously wet.

In the boat ready for our close encounter with the mighty falls.
You are given a bag where you place your belongings. They will warn you when they get close to the water so you can put away the cameras.

The pressure of the water is so great that once your close, it's hard to see much apart from feeling the full force of the water.

Rainbow at Iguazú Falls.

Itaipu Dam

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