Parque Luján

  • Sunday, 22 January 2012

Parque Luján is a few minutes walk from Argenpark. It is slightly better in appearance than its neighbour.
The park has a great selection of rides aimed at children. The park's sole coaster is Super Tornado. Despite being a steel coaster, it looks and even rides like a wooden wild mouse. It gives a wild, out-of-control ride. I loved the coaster and managed to ride it twice. I'd have ridden it more if it hadn't been for the fact that one needs a partner to be able to ride it. Solo riders were paired with other single riders or, failing that, a park employee.

Two dogs belonging to the park's management were roaming freely within the ride structure. One assumes the animals were aware of the danger the moving coaster car posed, since they stayed well clear of the moving coaster car.

Parque Luján entrance.

The spectacular basilica in the background.

The roller coaster entrance.

One of the dogs can be seen roaming freely while the ride is in motion.

Super Tornado, a wild mouse, operating since around 1990.
Super Tornado was relocated from the closed Ital Park, were it operated under the name Thunderbolt.

Looks more like a nuclear missile then a park ride.

The famous basilica with the park sign.

Crossing the bridge along the canal, we found another tiny park with children's rides. We walked through just to make sure there weren't any coasters.

Is this a coaster???

Iguazú Falls, Argentina

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