Mundo Aventura

  • Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The second park of the day was Mundo Aventure. While Salitre Magico is aimed at the teenage market, Mundo Aventure is more of a  family-oriented park. I enjoyed this park more, mainly due to the atmosphere it creates. The staff were more friendly and welcoming, and the park is clean and nicely themed. One of the better coaster of our trip is in this park.   

Park entrance

Park Map

 Plenty of western food for those who aren't brave enough to try local delicacies.

Nicely themed buildings.

 Gift shop.

 Bumper Cars

Crazy Golf

 Balloon Ride

Tropical Track, an Interpark Wacky Worm coaster.

 Adults are allowed on this coaster as long as they are below 160cm in height.
Unfortunately none of us met this criterion, so we couldn't ride it.

Themed characters

 Sky Coaster

 Log Flume Ride

Space Shuttle-themed swing boat.

 Area where the old rides are put to rest.

Children's playground

 Children's ride section entrance.

Water ride.

A selection of children's rides.

This building contained the second coaster. None of us knew about it, even though we walked past this building several times. We were only made aware of the coaster when we got to chat with a nice staff member, whose name i don't recall, he told us that a roller coaster was inside. I'd like to thank him, because without him we'd have missed what probably is the best coaster of the trip.

The reason no one realized that there was a coaster inside is that the ride is called Dark Ride.

A character inside the coaster building.

The coaster called Dark Ride.

 Another photo of the building containing the coaster--just so others don't make the same mistake we did.

Exiting the park

Opposite the park entrance is a shopping mall that has a Ferris wheel in the strangest place one can imagine.


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