Thursday, 26 January 2012

Neverland Park, Heado

  • Thursday, 26 January 2012
After leaving Parque de la Costa, we made our way towards the Neverland Park in the Soleil Factory shopping center. On arriving, we found out that this park is now permanently closed.

Satnav routed us through a run-down neighbourhood. While stationary at a set of traffic lights, our vehicle was attacked by two armed teenagers. One of them had a cheeky grin and pointed a tiny gun at us. At first I assumed he was joking but when his partner smashed his gun against the passenger window and Richard shouted to George "Go! GO!" I then knew this was serious. George floored it, we overtook several other vehicles and escaped unharmed. (Thanks, Guys).
This incident did shake us a bit as it was obviously not expected. These attacks are known to happen in Colombia and Brazil, but that it would happen in Argentina was surprising for all of us. 

Nerves had calmed down by the time we arrived at our next stop, Al Oeste Shopping Mall, which contains the small FEC, Neverland Park, Heado.
Just a few staff members and one family were the only ones inside the small FEC. Among the handful of children's rides was the single-helix, powered Zamperla coaster. We took the obligatory spin on it before making our way back to the hotel.

Dragon Coaster, an indoor Zamperla powered coaster, operating since 1996.

Other rides at Neverland Park, Heado.


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