Friday, 27 January 2012

Republica de los Niños

  • Friday, 27 January 2012

Republica de los Niños, meaning "Children's Republic" has a splendid entrance, a grand main street and entry plaza with stunningly beautiful buildings. This children's-city-themed park first opened it's doors in 1951, making it the first children's theme park to open in Latin America. Spread over 53 hectares, the park houses a parliament, government house, courthouse, church, port, theatre, airport, restaurants, hotels, etc.

One has to pass the grand entry plaza to reach the amusement ride area. Compared to the entry potion of the park, the ride section is poor. It looks as if the owners overspent on the entry plaza and by the time they reached the ride section they had very little left. The rides were just scattered in a green field without any theming at all. Despite that, there is a large selection of rides available, catering to the whole family's needs.

We grabbed tokens for a ride on the wacky worm, only to find that the coaster was half built. This relocated coaster, previously ran as Montaña Rusa at Aventura Center in Buenos Aires. The coaster has been in the same state for over a year. I have no information as to when--or if--the coaster will ever open. (If anyone knows more, please contact me.) We still had tokens to use, so we elected to use them on the dark ride. Unfortunately that was out of commission too. We had no desire to try anything else so we grabbed a refund and headed towards the exit.
 Superbly themed buildings.
Strikingly beautiful Main Street.
 Park map.

Some of the rides in the amusement area. 
Dark ride 
The unnamed, half-built, Pinfari Super Dragon MD31 coaster. 



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