Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Parque Rodo

  • Wednesday, 25 January 2012

 Parque Rodo is a mere fifteen-minute walk along the seafront from our hotel.
 Even after much searching on the Internet, Parque Rodo's operating hours were unknown to us. Playing safe, we pencilled in a whole day for the park.

Parque Rodo is a large city park. RCDB has it listed as one park with two coasters, but I think it's really two separate establishments within one large municipal park. It's a few minutes walk between the two amusement areas. Reader beware: these amusement areas are not in one's direct line of vision. The amusement area that's more suited to smaller children and has the wacky worm coaster in it opens in the late afternoon, while the amusement area with the bigger rides, including the Galaxi coaster, opens in the evening.


 Our hotel for the night.
Cars turn left, but those of us on foot go straight. 
The park from a distance. 
The park was closed when we arrived.  
Map of the public park 
This dark ride was the only attraction away from both establishments. 
 Further away from both amusement areas is a small lake with boats.
Gusanito Manzana, a Cavazza Diego Super Nessi Junior Coaster, has been operating since 2006 or earlier. 
Some other rides in the amusement area that contains the Gusanito Manzana. 
 Back to the ride area that opens in the evening and includes the Montana Rusa.
 Montana Rusa, S.D.C Galaxi coaster operating since 2006 or before.
 We were unaware of the hefty departure tax that was not included in the ticket price.
Well, at least it cleared us of any unwanted Uruguayan currency. 

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  1. Thanks a lot for share your travels. Specially the Argentinian´s parks. I love parks too so...thank you very much for the great pics! Im from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I would love to see more about your travels at parks around the world. Sorry for my english. I still learning about it. lol