Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Iguacu Falls, Brazil

  • Tuesday, 24th January

After yesterday's blistering hot weather it was a relief that today was overcast with a slight drop in temperature. The national park on the Brazilian side is a lot smaller than the part on the Argentinian side, so we comfortably completed it in a few hours. Unlike yesterday, when a train would take you from the entrance to the falls, the Brazilians provide a glass-roof double decker bus to do the same job.

A few tip for those visiting Iguacu Falls in the future:

1) Both sides have domestic airports minutes away from the falls, making it an easy side trip from any major city in the country one is visiting.
2) To fully appreciate the falls, they should be viewed from both sides as each provides a different experience.
3) The border crossing between both countries is fairly straightforward. Taxis provide the easy option. Buses are available for those on a tighter budget.
4) A major hotel is within each nation park boundary. They are on the pricey side but do offer the flexibility of visiting the falls when the park is closed to the general public.
6) For those not lucky enough to stay within the National Park there is a small town on each side that has loads of hotels, restaurants, shops, ect.
7) Remember that the falls are in a jungle, so get all the required immunisations. A Yellow Fever vaccination is compulsory.
8) Large lockers are provided by the park near the entrances on each side.
9) Boat tours are provided by both sides. (We took the boat ride on the Argentina side.)
10) Sun cream, hat, insect repellent and --very important--drinking water are very useful items to have while visiting the Iguacu Falls.
11) Helicopter tours are only available from the Brazilian side.                         

The National Park map.

The bus taking us from the entrance to the falls.

The Falls.

The Argentinian side.

The Argentinean side.





Getting soaked.

George and me in front of the falls.

Japanese style in front of the falls.

Richard and me doing the airplane crash pose in front of the falls.

 Richard in front of the falls.

A bridge that gets you close to the falls for a better viewing experience.


 We spent nearly two days visiting the falls and greatly enjoyed our time viewing one of the great wonders of the world.

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