Saturday, 28 January 2012

Last words...

So, how did it all go? Ok, let me start by telling you that this is the biggest trip I've planned and I've planned a fair few trips over the years. Seven countries spread across the whole continent, connected by seventeen flight segments in seventeen days is just plain crazy in anyone's book. We went to 20 operating parks, one closed park and another park for which we flew all the way to the Caribbean sea ( Barranquilla) only to find out that the coaster has been removed, four top tourist attractions and a few fairs along the Pacific coast.
 I can say that the trip went well. Even being as complex as it was, things knitting together so brilliantly.

Let me mention some of the trip highlights for me:

  • Visiting the continent of South America for the first time.
  • Iguazú Falls: They are stunningly beautiful.
  • Best country: Has to be Colombia. Didn't expect much but it was beautiful country with lovely people.
  • Best City: Medellin, without doubt, stunningly beautiful.
  • Best Park: It's a four-way split here: Parque Nacional Del Café, Fantasilandia, Complejo Peko's Parque Temático and Parque de la Costa.
  • Best coasters on the trip: No real standouts, but I'm nominating three: Broca at Parque Nacional Del Café, Dark Ride at Mundo Aventura and Super Tornado at Parque Luján

Some low points:

  • Salitre Magico: not living up to its hype.
  • Flight delays: Most of the flights were in the evening meaning losing down time and sleep.
  • Being held up at gunpoint: Okay, we got away unharmed, but it did dampen the morale for a bit. Luckily it was at the end of the trip and we got over it fairly quickly.
  • Parque de la Ciudad: Seeing the current state of the park with rides rotting away.
  • Too many flights: Yes, there was a ridiculous amount of flights but they were necessary to connect all the places we wanted to go to. We covered a lot of ground.

Bottom line: I loved the trip.

A special thanks to George Greenway and Richard Bannister for accompanying me on this trip.




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